Around Cefalù we have seven Dive spot perfect for all levels divers. The lifefull spot are reachable in betwen 5 to 15 min of navigation with our zodiac, time that  you will spend to see Cefalù from the best point of view.

Mappa Dive Cefalù

Finale di Pollina

Navigation: 25 minutes
Level: medium
Drift: medium to strong
Max depth: 18 mt

Description: the dive will take place in front of the rock cliff of the Cape called Finale di Pollina. As long as this is a cape is easy to find same drift…and in drift place we can look for big fishes! Is quite easy to see mediterranean gruper, barracuda and blu fish. The dive profile will be around those rock pinnacles that edge at 9 mt and finish at 18 mt depth


Navigation: 20 min.
Levels: high
Drift: medium to strong
Max depth: 30 mt

Description: the campanari are an indipendent conformation of  many rock pinnacles. The top of the higest of this pinnacle begin at 9 mt depth and the bottom is at 30mt depth. Thise conformation is quite farr from the coast, and so a lot of fish love to rest here. It’s easy to see school of fish, murens, big hermit crub, colorful nudibranchs and octopus. Around 25 mt you can even see a rare Gerardia Savaia.


Navigation: 5 min
Level: easy
Drift: easy
Max depth: 10 mt

Description: the Kalura cape, with his bizantin tower is one of the most pictoresque place of Cefalù. The top of the cape is impossible to reach by the coast and this increases it’s beauty. The dive profile among the rock’s wall of the cape is perfect for first level divers or even for your first dive such as the discover scuba diving.

You can see many mediterranean colorful fish and many octopus and from august to october there a school of baby Barracuda that grow up in this area and you can swim with. This natural bay used in roman period as a port, has been declared protect archeological site because is easy to see many ancient pices.

This is a real discovery dive! 

Scoglio Ubriaco

Navigation: 5 min.
Level: easy
Drift: medium
Max depth: 12 mt

Description: “Lo scoglio ubriaco” can be translate as the drunk rock because in ancient time a boat carrying wine slammed on this rock hidden just a bit under the surface. During your dive you will be surrounded by school of small blu fish and you will pass through natural rock arc.

Secca Grande

Navigation: 10 min
Level: easy
Drift: easy to medium
Max depth: 14 mt

Description: this dive site is just in front of the ancient “molo” (pier). The dive begin a 3 mt where the rocks start untill the bottom at 14 mt, and the profile dive will be through rocks and mediterranean poseidonia.  This is the perfect dive for first level divers.

Sette Frati

Navigation: 15 min
Level: medium
Drift: easy
Max depth: 12 mt

Description: the dive take place in front a location call SetteFrati, that means Seven Bros. During the navigation with the zodiac is possible to see some amazing view of Cefalù and its coast by the sea.

Tha Seven Bros that give name to the place are, for the legend, the seven rocks that you will see underwater, even if  are more then seven. During this dive you should look carefully for murens, big hermit crub and violet nudibranchs.

Secca della Madonna

Navigation: 20 min
Level: medium
Drift: medium
Max depth: 18 mt

Description: not to far from Settefrati we can find this pinnacle rock conformation surrounded of send. The rock wall are cover by orange and white sea flowers. The pinnacle‘s edge begin around 10 mt and ends at 18 mt. Those pinnacle creates natural canyon in with grouper, murens and blu fish lives.


Everyday trips of 2 hours with our boat to visit the most beautiful spot of Cefalù coast, only with mask, fins and snorkel

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