ISDA Courses


Our diving courses are from entry level for new divers and for professional divers.

These are our ISDA courses

Froggy (from 6 years)

The first real immersion for the little ones! Do you want to learn how to play underwater with bubbles like real scuba divers? So do not wait! After a little theory you’re ready to dive hand in hand with your instructor! 

1 dive, equipment included

Scuba Diver (from 10 years)

Do you have little time? The ISDA Scuba Diver course is for you! This ISDA certification will allow you to reach 12 mt. depth in maximum security. The course includes a bit of theory, a series of underwater exercises to increase your familiarity and two open water dives.

2 dive, equipment included

Open Water Diver (from 15 years)

The first real ISDA recreational diving license, which allows you to reach 18 meters depth at the end of the course after the completion of the various sessions. Do not worry … it’s fun!

NB The guys at the age of 12 can enroll in the Junior Open Water Diver, following the same program, enables them to dive up to 12 meters with assistance.

4 dive, equipment included

Advanced Open Water Diver (from 15 years)

Do you already have a PADI Open Water Diver? Want to improve your skills while having fun? With this course you will acquire much more skills and knowledge, under the supervision of your instructor ISDA, in 5 different specialty. Mandatory are orientation dive with compass and deep dive, which enables you to dive in the range of 30m. The other three specialties are chosen by the student and agreed upon with the instructor. 

Equipment included

Rescue Diver

For all those experienced divers, who has the AOWD license who want to increase their safety and safety of all the divers around him. Based on what you’ve already learned, this course teach you how to prevent problems and, if necessary, how to solve them.

Prevention is the basic of everything. Prerequisite of the course is that you have a license of first aid and CPR, such as EFR (Emergency First Response) or BLS-D as well as owning 25 dive log book in the extra courses.


The first step in professional diving. The Dive Master is a course during which you will learn important aspects such as physics and physiology of diving, you’ll hone the use of dive tables and acquire a solid knowledge base of the equipment.

Especially with the Dive Master course begin to learn how to manage a course, how to teach diving, how to lead a group to dive and how to work in a Diving Center.

First Aid BLS-D

It is CPR course with first and second relief. It is NOT a diving course but is required for access to certain levels of license, as well as required in same cases by law for safety. 

During the course you will learn: the BLS (Basic Life Support) CPR and rescue breathing as a non-professional, to prevent and treat shock, managing  of spinal injuries, the use of barriers to reduce the risk of disease transmission, the basic first aid and first aid kit considerations

Specialty Courses

There are many specialties that our PADI instructors can teach you. It all depends on what you like! For example, there is the DEEP specialty that allow you to go at 40mt., The specialty Peack performance buoyancy  to improve your ability underwater, CURRENT specialties that teach you to handle the raging ocean currents and many more … ask us!


Some of our instructors are also INSTRUCTORS PARASUB ISDA, and can then release ISDA license recreation for people with disabilities. For more information about these courses please do not hesitate to contact us.

For info&reservation contact us!

NB: For scuba diving courses we need a medical certificate attesting the suitability of the subject for underwater

Diving Courses

We have diving courses with professional instructors with the release of PADI and ISDA licences. Choose the best for you

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